My Lost Pink Scarf

One habit that I learned from a very early age from my mother is that when you are shopping a fair or farmers market do not ever buy the first item you see--you will most certainly find another item that you love even more.  So at a very young age, I learned about "Buyers Remorse".  Most of time, I was thankful to follow my mother's advice until that one time I had what I call "Lost Buyers Remorse".  

It was an early Wednesday morning in April.  My best friend and I were in Paris France.  We stepped out of our hotel room for a full day of exploring Paris.  We had a packed agenda.  We were on our way to visit shops, sites, museums and famous landmarks.  I had my new copy of Rick Steves top Paris sites in hand, and off we went.  

That morning, the street near our hotel was magically transformed into a very busy outdoor market.  I was instantly memorized.  There were so many vendors selling everything you could possibly imagine--fruits, vegetables, cheeses, chocolates, hand crafted itmes--virtually everthing!  And there is was.  The most beautiful pale pink scarf my American eyes had ever seen.  The scarf was incredibly soft and I couldn't help but touch it.  Immediately I because conscience of the fact that I was practically mauling this elegant scarf and remembered that in France it is rude to touch the merchandise--well food anyway (I wasn't sure if that applied here but I didn't wish to offend anyone).

My first impulse was to purchase the scarf.  After all, I was in Paris and I so wanted a real Parisian Scarf.  It was another cold and rainy day in Paris and a scarf such as this would certainly keep me warm while feeling chic.  This scarf was a solid light pink with no pattern.  I was made from a very light casmere and just had to be mine.  So began my internal struggle . . . 

"Should I buy?"

"No---you should look around more, there may be another scarf more beautiful."  "But I want it!"  

"You have a whole day ahead of you."

"But I really want this scarf!"

"What would your mother say?"

"Really?!?  You have to bring my mother into this?  My mother would never value a beautiful scarf as this."

"But . . . "  I was cut short and hurled by into reality.  

My friend was preparing to leave the market.  She asked me if I was also ready because we had a full day ahead of us.  I had not revealed to her that I was contemplating a delicate purchase.  So I had to make a quick decision.  One that i have regretted ever since.  I chose to not purchase the scarf.  I said to myself that I would stop back at the market at the end of our day and I would then have my beautiful pink scarf.  

We during the day, we stopped at many shops and I did truly try to find another scarf that I would love even more.  But to no avail.  My heart was still longed for the beautiful light pink scarf at the open market.  We stopped a a few cafes' and all I could see was elegant Parisian women wearing pink scarves.  This must have been a sign that I needed to be united with my scarf.  This scarf was completely meant for me.  So at the end of our day, we hurried back to the spot where the open market was only to find it completely gone--as if it never existed.  We asked around and found that the market would open again next Wednesday however I would be back home by then.  My heart sank--I lost my scarf!

What I learned from this moment is its okay to be spontaneous.  Its okay to say yes to yourself from time to time.   And Yes, it is ok to purchase that pink scarf.  

Many years later while I was on vacation in Las Vegas, I came across a pink scarf at Treasure Island that reminded me of my long lost Parisian Pink Scarf.  I was so delighted with myself, I immediately purchased it vowing to never make that mistake again.  I wore this scarf every day and while it is beautiful and very soft, it is still not the same.  While I still have this scarf, it doesn't hold the same memories, not the memories of a fabulous Paris visit, of walking the streets of Paris with my scarf, sitting in a cafe wearing my scarf . . . So lesson learned.  When you come across something in life that you know is meant to be, whether its a moment, a flower, a person or a scarf--say YES!  Enjoy the moment, be spontaneous and if need be, make the purchase.

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