My New Obsession

With the winter season fast approaching, I have discovered a wonderful product that has become my new obession.  

A Week From Hell Hand Rescue

For this past birthday, I was given this hand rescue cream "A Week From Hell" from Walton Wood Farm located in Peterborough Ontario.  Immediately, I fell in love with this.  The fragrance is grapefruit and brown sugar.  Not only does it smell amazing but the way it feels on your skin is pure elegance.   I have nearly used all of my birthday present and had to purchase more. 

When I am knitting, many times my hands become very dry and I have a difficult time holding my needles and yarn.  This hand cream helps with my knitting allowing the yarn to simply glide--did I say I was obessed??

So, doing some research on Walton Wood Farm,  I found that a percentage of their earning go towards preserving and restoring historic barns.  Living in northern New England, I am no stranger to historic barns, bridges, buildings and such.  Preserving our wonderful history and our way of life is so important.  There is such a rich history in northern New England and Canada and when I am able to help with that, it does my heart good.

Until next week,


Starlight Knits

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